These general terms of sale (hereafter referred to as the "General Terms of Sale") govern all commercial dealings between the company SLBS Attitude, a limited liability company with a registered capital of 1,000 Euros, having its registered office at 92 rue de Lévis – 75017 PARIS, registered in the Trade & Company Register of PARIS under the number 508 803 913, – hereafter referred to as "SIMONE ET GEORGES" - and consumers or non-professionals (in accordance with the French Consumer Code’s introductory article) purchasing the products proposed by SIMONE ET GEORGES on the website www.simone-et-georges.com (hereafter referred to as the "Customer(s)").

Prior to any transaction, the Customer acknowledges that he has familiarised himself with these General Terms of Sale, shown in extenso below.

The placing of any order via the website www.simone-et-georges.com by the Customer constitutes full, entire, final and unreserved acceptance by the Customer of the General Terms of Sale, which take precedence over any other document.

The General Terms of Sale may be consulted directly on the www.simone-et-georges.com website, and may also be sent by e-mail upon request from the Customer.

The products of which the sales are governed by the General Terms of Sale are those proposed on the www.simone-et-georges.com website and no others, (hereafter referred to as the "Product (s)").

SIMONE ET GEORGES reserve the right to modify the General Terms of Sale at any time. The applicable conditions are those in force on the www.simone-et-georges.com website at the time the Customer places his order.

1 – Product characteristics

The items proposed for sale are those shown in our catalogue published on the www.simone-et-georges.com website (hereafter referred to as the "Products").

Each Product category has its own packaging conditions, prices and delivery lead times.

Each Product is described in detail in a technical sheet displayed on the www.simone-et-georges.com website. Among other things, this technical sheet describes the Product’s essential characteristics.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to familiarise himself with this information before placing an order.

The photographs, illustrations and graphical information for each Product shown on the www.simone-et-georges.com website are/is provided for information purposes only.

Any differences which may exist between the Products and their illustrations will only be non-significant differences and will not affect the essential characteristics of the Products purchased by the Customer. SIMONE ET GEORGES may not be considered liable on these grounds, in any form and under any circumstances.

2 – The purchasing procedure

By placing an order via this website, the Customer confirms that he is aged over 18 years old and that he possesses the necessary legal capacity to enter into contracts.

The Products shown on the www.simone-et-georges.com website may be ordered online.

To place an order, the Customer must follow the online purchasing procedure and click on "Payment".

The Customer should add the desired Product to his basket and tick the box "I have read the General Terms of Sale and accept them". This automatically implies that he expressly and unreservedly accepts the General Terms of Sale without restriction. Via this act, the Customer acknowledges that he has read and understood the General Terms of Sale and accepts them.

The Customer must identify himself in order to be able to select his payment method. Two means of payment are accepted: payment by bank card and payment by Paypal.

An order summary is then presented to the Customer, detailing among other things the Product-related information, the prices or the delivery terms. An order number will then be assigned to the Customer.

The placing of any order constitutes acceptance of the prices and descriptions of the Products available for sale. Any dispute concerning this point will be settled by a possible exchange and will be subject to the warranty terms mentioned below.

In all circumstances, the online provision of the bank card number and final confirmation of the order by Customer constitute proof of the order and generate a requirement to pay the sums owed for the products selected in the order. This confirmation constitutes a signature and the acceptance of all transactions made on the www.simone-et-georges.com website.

To be confirmed, the order must include all of the required information, including the Customer’s e-mail address and his delivery address, and must be paid for in full.

SIMONE ET GEORGES reserve the right not to process an order, including in the case of information from the banking organisation with responsibility for handling the payment for the order indicating that the use of the payment method chosen for payment of the order is impossible or if, due to their content and/or their frequency, the orders exceed the requirements of a private customer, and more generally in the case of any abnormal order or any order placed in bad faith.

The sale will only be considered as final when SIMONE ET GEORGES have confirmed the acceptance and confirmation of the Customer’s order to the Customer by e-mail, and after the full value of the order has been cashed.

The order is considered as placed on the date on which the order is confirmed by the Customer (excluding weekends and public holidays, in which case the order will be considered as placed on the first working day following the weekend or public holiday). The lead times and delivery times stated on the www.simone-et-georges.com website only begin after confirmation of the order by SIMONE ET GEORGES by e-mail (excluding weekends and public holidays, in which case the order will be considered as placed on the first working day following the weekend or public holiday).

The Customer will receive proof of payment when the order confirmation is sent to the stated invoicing e-mail address. SIMONE ET GEORGES retain an electronic copy of all orders.

3 – Product prices

The price of each Product shown on the www.simone-et-georges.com website is that applicable on the order date and is inclusive of tax.

No additional charges will be invoiced to the Customer with the exception of the delivery charges. The delivery charges vary according to the delivery address and the number of Products purchased.

The amount of the Customer's contribution to delivery costs is specified in the order summary before proceeding to the payment pages.

SIMONE ET GEORGES reserve the right to change the price of some or all of the Products at any time, particularly in the event of sales, Product launches or special promotions.

4 – Settling the sums due for the Products

Payment is required in full at the time the order is placed.

The payment is made during the online ordering process via the secure payment platform (by bank card or Paypal account).

5 – Delivery of the purchased Products – Reception procedure

It is hereby specified that the delivery address (which may differ from the invoicing address) must be exact and must include any additional information required to ensure a satisfactory delivery. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure suitable access conditions to the delivery site and to inform SIMONE ET GEORGES of these.

SIMONE ET GEORGES may not be considered liable if the delivery cannot be made for accessibility reasons. An error concerning the delivery address or any other problem resulting in a requirement to organise a new delivery will be invoiced at the full cost of the new delivery, with the new delivery being subject to the payment of these supplementary costs.

The delivery lead times, deadlines and prices are specific to each Product category, according to available stock, and are specified at the time the order is confirmed.

The amount of the Customer's contribution to delivery costs is specified on the proof of payment issued to the Customer.

The delivery lead times and deadlines mentioned on the www.simone-et-georges.com website are provided for information purposes only and are dependent among other things on the availability of the Products and the order of arrival of the orders. Deliveries made up to 30 days after the conclusion of the contract of sale may not give rise to any compensation or penalties, nor be considered a cause for the cancellation of the order by the Customer.

It is expressly agreed that the physical receipt of the purchased Products at the delivery address constitutes acceptance of the said Products by the Customer (hereafter referred to as "Reception").

Any force majeure event, any incident, any decision by the administrative authorities, any stoppage of transport, any unforeseen IT breakdown, any market conditions which have the direct effect of delaying or preventing delivery or making the delivery of the purchased products exorbitant for SIMONE ET GEORGES will constitute a cause for the suspension of SIMONE ET GEORGES’ obligations as of right, with no compensation for the Customer. If such an event continues beyond a period exceeding 30 days, this event will automatically be considered grounds for the automatic termination of the obligations of SIMONE ET GEORGES and of the Customer, with the latter then being refunded the price paid by him when purchasing the Products 1.

It is hereby agreed that the term "force majeure" refers to any unforeseeable, unavoidable external event outside SIMONE ET GEORGES’ control making it impossible for SIMONE ET GEORGES to fulfil their obligations resulting from these General Terms of Sale or from the definition and recognition of the causes of force majeure as determined by the International Chamber of Commerce and the case law of the French courts.

Other than the specific events mentioned in the previous paragraph, if SIMONE ET GEORGES are unable to make the purchased Products available to the Customer within 30 days following the delivery date provided for information purposes at the time the order was placed (to the specified delivery address and in accordance with the above-mentioned conditions), SIMONE ET GEORGES will inform the Customer of this as soon as possible.

The Customer and SIMONE ET GEORGES will then validly agree (i) to postpone delivery of the purchased Products, or (ii) on the replacement of the purchased Products by other Products of a comparable quality and price, or (ii) the pure and simple cancellation of the purchase concerned followed by a reimbursement of the price paid by the Customer1.

6 – Transfer of ownership and transfer of risks

SIMONE ET GEORGES will retain ownership of the purchased Products until payment in full by the Customer of the asking price for these Products and of the delivery charges.

The Customer is not allowed to use or resell the Products or to process or convert them until payment in full of the asking price to SIMONE ET GEORGES.

It is expressly agreed that the Customer will be considered liable for any loss, damage, theft, destruction, etc., of the Products as from the time of Reception, with Reception entailing a transfer of the risks.

7 – Packing & packaging

The Products are packed in such a way as to comply with applicable transport standards and to provide optimal protection for the Products during the delivery process. The Customer is requested to comply with the same standards when returning a Product, regardless of the nature or grounds. Any damage noted to a Product at the time it is returned, caused by non-compliant packing or packaging, may result in a partial reimbursement or even a non-reimbursement for the Product if its condition makes reselling it impossible.

8 – Option to withdraw/Cooling-off period

Pursuant to article L.221-18 of the French Consumer Code, as a consumer the Customer has a withdrawal period (cooling-off period) of fourteen (14) days as from the date on which the Products are received, during which he may partially or totally cancel his order.

The Customer should inform SIMONE ET GEORGES of his decision to withdraw from the sale by sending them a withdrawal form compliant with the template shown on the website (to download here) (by letter sent to SIMONE ET GEORGES’ registered office address or by e-mail sent to the following address contact@simone-et-georges.com) before the expiry of the above-mentioned period.

In the event of withdrawal, the Customer will assume the return carriage costs for the Product(s).

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for any orders of Products:

(i) Manufactured at the Customer’s request or significantly customised;

(ii) Which have been opened by the consumer after delivery and which cannot be returned for hygiene or health protection reasons.

To facilitate the management of product returns and to ensure that the Products are transported under the best possible conditions, the Products must be returned in their original packaging accompanied by all accessories and instructions. They must be in good condition and accompanied by proof of payment.

A reimbursement of all sums paid, including the delivery costs, will be issued within fourteen (14) days after the date on which SIMONE ET GEORGES are informed of the Customer's decision to withdraw from the sale. SIMONE ET GEORGES will send the Customer his reimbursement by bank transfer. No reimbursements will be made in cash. The Customer may not claim any compensation or damages.

9 – Complaints

At the time of Reception of the Products, the Customer must verify their satisfactory condition, their characteristics and the number of Products delivered in the presence of the delivery man or post office employee.

It is the responsibility of the Customer in his capacity as the recipient to issue detailed reservations, comments and observations on the delivery notes and to confirm these, pursuant to the provisions of article L.133-3 of the French Commercial Code, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within three days following Reception, sending a copy to the company SLSB ATTITUDE, 92 rue de Lévis – 75017 PARIS.

Failing this, the Customer shall have no recourse based on losses, or on damaged or missing items due to transportation, either against the carrier or SIMONE ET GEORGES.

In the event of conformity issues concerning the Products delivered vis-a-vis the Products ordered or if one or several of the Products purchased are delivered damaged or found to be missing, the Customer is required (i) to send the company SLSB ATTITUDE, 92 rue de Lévis – 75017 PARIS a complaint by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt at the latest by the seventh working day following the Reception date and (ii) to return the Products concerned to the above-mentioned address within a maximum period of 10 working days following the Reception date.

Should either of these deadlines not be met, the Customer may no longer submit any complaint or claim to or against SIMONE ET GEORGES based on conformity issues concerning the purchased products or their poor condition or missing items. The carriage costs and risks for returning the items will always be assumed by the Customer.

Any returns accepted by SIMONE ET GEORGES following the verification of the returned Products, will result (i) either in the issuing of a credit note valid for 6 months from the issue date (ii) or the replacement of the Products concerned at SIMONE ET GEORGES’ cost (iii) or the issuing of a full refund for the Products concerned, including the delivery charges paid and the costs incurred in returning them, at SIMONE ET GEORGES’ discretion.

In all circumstances, the Customer is reminded that he must comply with the upkeep and usage instructions supplied with the Products. A failure to comply with the instructions displayed on Product labels or supplied with the Products will result in the invalidation of any complaint or claim.

10 – Statutory warranty

Pursuant to the provisions of articles L.217-4 and following of the French Consumer Code, the Customer has a statutory warranty concerning the conformity and safety of the products. He also benefits from the warranty against hidden defects as defined in articles 1641 and following of the French Civil Code.

11 – Liability limitations and waivers

SIMONE ET GEORGES decline all liability concerning the use of the Products for purposes for which they are not intended or the incorrect use of the Products ordered by the Customer. SIMONE ET GEORGES will assume no liability for consequences resulting: from the storage of products in abnormal conditions or conditions incompatible with their nature, their transformation, processing or conversion, a failure to comply with usage or installation instructions, abnormal wear resulting from poor upkeep or maintenance or from imperfect use or installation, and the deterioration of the products due to the infiltration of water, to impacts or to inappropriate temperatures or humidity levels.

Any complaint based on the non-compliance of the delivered products or on visible defects must be sent, before using the product, by registered letter to the registered office of the company SLSB ATTITUDE, 92 rue de Lévis – 75017 PARIS, pursuant to the provisions of Article 9 "Complaints". Failing this, the Products will be considered as being accepted and acknowledged as compliant, with no further recourse being possible against SIMONE ET GEORGES.

Over and above the waivers and limitations concerning SIMONE ET GEORGES’ liability as stipulated in the General Terms of Sale, SIMONE ET GEORGES may not be considered liable in any manner and on any grounds, if it proves impossible to deliver the purchased Products to the Customer due to the absence of / failings by the Customer. In particular, if the order cannot be delivered for reasons for which SIMONE ET GEORGES are not responsible, after a period of 30 days following the date on which the order was available for delivery the order will be considered as cancelled with the Customer bearing full liability for this. In such circumstances, SIMONE ET GEORGES’ obligations will be extinguished as of right and SIMONE ET GEORGES will retain all sums paid by the Customer as a penalty.

Furthermore, SIMONE ET GEORGES may not be considered liable (i) in the case of the insufficient communication or late communication of information required to deliver the purchased Products or (ii) failings by the Customer regarding his compliance with and application of the General Terms of Sale.

12 – French data protection act

SIMONE ET GEORGES’ databases containing personal data are declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL - French data protection authority) pursuant to the imperative provisions of the "Informatique et Libertés" law (French data protection act) of January 6, 1978, (modified).

By confirming each purchase, the Customer agrees to the use of the personal data concerning him by SIMONE ET GEORGES, exclusively for the purpose of processing and satisfactorily completing the procedures concerning the purchasing and delivery of the purchased Products and/or for purely statistical purposes.

Pursuant to law number 78-17 of January 6, 1978 (modified), the Customer has a right to access and rectify the personal data collected concerning him and a right to oppose this. These rights may be exercised by writing to the registered office address of the company SLSB ATTITUDE, 92 rue de Lévis – 75017 PARIS or by e-mailing them at the following address contact@simone-et-georges.com.

The Customer may also obtain a copy of the personal data concerning him, at his cost (reproduction costs) in addition to the information to which he is entitled under the terms of the above-mentioned law.

SIMONE ET GEORGES may possibly supply the personal data thus collected to any third party of their choice, such as those involved in contributing to the above-mentioned purchasing and delivery procedures, if this data is necessary to the said third party (in particular transport companies). This information will be supplied on a confidential basis and will under no circumstances include the Customer’s bank details, which transit via no information systems accessible to third parties.

When the Customer registers or places an order, or during the course of other specific operations, SIMONE ET GEORGES offers visitors or Customers the possibility to receive its newsletter, its promotional offers and/or to register to be informed of "special sales".

13 – Applicable law

For their interpretation and performance, these General Terms of Sale are subject to French law.

14 – Mediation – Dispute resolution

If you consider that your rights have been infringed, you may send your complaint to the following address: contact@simone-et-georges.com in order to seek an amicable solution.

If your purchase has been made via our website, we would like to inform you that in compliance with European regulation 524/2013, you are entitled to request that your dispute be resolved by the consumer affairs dispute resolution system accessible at the following e-mail address: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

For any written complaints previously sent to our customer service department more than a month ago and still not satisfactorily resolved, pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Code concerning the amicable settlement of disputes (articles L.611-1 and following and R.612-1 and following of the Consumer Code) if he wishes the Customer may make free use of the MEDICYS mediation service by which we are covered by contacting them online at: https://app.medicys.fr/ or by writing to: MEDICYS, 73 Boulevard de Clichy – 75009 PARIS.

15 – Contacting us

If you would like to contact us, our customer service department is at your disposal via the website under the "Contact us" tab. You can also contact us by telephone on +33 (0)6 62 35 51 29.
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